Friday, November 18, 2011

Forget This Blog.

as i sit here drowning in the memories of a simpler, more naive time i reflect on the things this blog has meant to me, and the times i shared with it. I've been a stupid anarchist kid, a stupid folk punk kid, a stupid ska kid, a stupid pop punk kid, and a stupid artcore kid. ive been dumb stupid and so totally dumb. High school has turned my blood into mold, and i dont know if the deep penetrating scars of my youth will ever be cauterized.I have seen my share of fallen brothers(RIP JOE JOHNSONS BLOGSPOT/TOO MANY HYMANS(NOT ENOUGH TIME)). Ive gone from a stupid kid listening to a judge cd blogging about sarah in my room, to a stupid kid listening to judge on digital mp3's in a room with sarah. The days of bethesda, roman, and thinking ghost mice was a cool band are long behind me.The days of laytonsville 7 11, scott and zach, and thinking baltimore is a cool city are here to stay.My pop punk career is winding to an end as my graduation slowly comes closer to fruition. I take this time to remember flipping water bottles upside down in the hallway, that time i caught that water bottle(see post:time i caught that water bottle) and carrying a water bottle with me everywhere i go. It is only appropriate that i end these extremely hydrated years with the beach week to end all beach weeks(FUCK LIFE 08-FUCK LIFE 2012 SEEEEEENNNIIIIOOOOORRRRRRRSSSS#amrith#danieljubert#mymother).I look forward to 4 years of turning kegs upside down in my throat, catching kegs in my liver, and carrying akeg with me everywhere i go.(#collegeisforselloutsseeyouatmc).If i were to impart any knowledge to my former self it would be to never hgang out with jake lazovick ever, and that sarah lock absolutely loves anal sex, so practice hard. To all my followers, i would like to thank you for sticking around to the great institution of blogspot,instead of following the the siren song of that harlot, tumblr.

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Cameron said...

The end of an era...